Critical Acclaim

Between my two published books, I have, to date, received one review.  It came from my co-worker/friend/landlord (he wears a lot of hats, I know) and it went a little something like this, “Dude.  You’re my bud and all, but you’re messed up.”

He was referring to Ascension, and I choose to think he meant it as a compliment.  After all, I would consider it an insult if he called it typical, predictable or mundane.  And, to be honest, Ascension is messed up (I’m only guilty by association, as the story used me as a conduit to tell itself).  And I’d much rather get a truthful, negative review than one that’s positive simply to spare my feelings.  A good review feels great (I assume), but a negative one gives me something to think about, room to grow.  How else am I supposed to find out I’m all messed up? 🙂


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