Irons In The Fire II

Just a quick update of what I’m currently working on:

Still typing/editing Unseen Things I: The Shadow Walker for group.

Writing Unseen Things II: The Shadow Within (although I must admit, I’ve spent most of my time reading A Dance With Dragons)

Typing/Editing Only Human on the Block II: Bravado/Dramatique (mostly focusing on Unseen Things at this point, but now that book one is out, I may need to rethink my strategy a bit).

Sadly, the list hasn’t changed too much since last month.  I did manage to get The Four-Year-Old Guardian out the door, but now I feel like I’m sitting on my thumbs a bit.  Perhaps I should, instead, list my goals:

Finish typing/edits on Unseen Things I by 9/30.

Finish writing Unseen Things II by 10/31

Start writing Unseen Things III 11/01 (for NaNoWriMo)

Finish typing/edits on Only Human on the Block II by 10/31

Start typing/edits on Only Human on the Block III 11/01

If I can follow that, I should have at least two more titles ready by the end of the year,  possibly three.  Good thing I have a bit of a backlog. 🙂


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