One year older, not much wiser….

Today is my last day as a 34-year-old.

I’m not sure why that holds any significance.  In the past, I haven’t made a big deal about my birthday.  In fact, some years, it’s come and gone and no one’s noticed.  A few years back, my wife actually said, “It was your birthday yesterday, wasn’t it?”  “Yup.”  That’s not a knock against her.  I just really don’t see why it’s important once you reach a certain age.  That’s not to say I don’t look forward to my birthday each year, but why should anyone else care?

In part, I think it’s difficult to approach the subject with people.  When I pick up clients, they often tell me their birthday is approaching, but they’re either 1) mentally delayed and they approach the event with the exuberance of a child or 2) they’re elderly  and quite proud of the fact they’ve lasted as long as they have.  Both are great reasons to be excited about getting a year older, but what excuse do I have?

That being said, for some reason, I’m looking forward to my birthday this year.

I’m not one to usually set New Year’s resolutions, but I do have a habit of looking back at the past year with each new birthday.  This time, I think I have a lot to be proud of.  First and foremost, I self-published two of my books.  That in itself was a goal I thought I might never achieve.  The advent of e-publishing made it easy, even if the onus is solely on me to promote and market it.  I’m just happy my work is out there for the world to read.  Perhaps more importantly, I’m putting myself out there more, trying to interface with new people.  I tend to live inside a bubble, so it’s nice to let that bubble pop from time to time so I can step outside of my comfort zone.

Also, Natalie is soon starting kindergarten.  It remains to be seen how she’ll fare, but she made significant improvements in Preschool, so I have high hopes.  She’s already well into potty training, she’s able to verbalize much more clearly her wants and needs and she’s getting better about taking directions.  Add to that she knows her numbers through 20, her colors, shapes, planets, the alphabet, animals and all sorts of things I probably don’t even know she knows, and I have a good feeling about her progress in the coming years.  I can only imagine what she’ll be capable of this time next year.

In the next year, I think we’ll finally have found the right dog for us, after a four-year search.  If all goes well, Norma is going to start going to school again, and we’ll be on our way to putting money aside to get our own house.

35 has no great meaning in the overall scheme of things, but I have high hopes for this next year.  I look forward to publishing more books, spending more time with my family and generally getting older.  Perhaps this is the year that whole “wiser” thing will kick in.  If not, at least I have a good excuse to get myself a little present.  Deus Ex, I’m looking at you. 🙂



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