Coming Soon

Instead of posting my usual Irons in the Fire (sad to break a two-month tradition, I know), I’ve decided instead to do a list of work in progress and projected completion date.  This decision stems from the fact my Irons in the Fire tend to change rather slowly (I’m doing all this in my spare time, which is to say, time when I really should be sleeping) and my somewhat compulsive need to make lists.  All dates are tentative (and fairly optimistic).

Ascension (available now; $4.99

Only Human on the Block I: The Four-Year-Old Guardian (available now;

Unseen Things I: The Shadow Walker (available 10/31/11)

Only Human on the Block  II: Bravado/Dramatique (available 10/31/11)

Unseen Things II: The Shadow Within (available 12/31/11)

Only Human on the Block III: Friends For Sale (available 12/31/11)

Unseen Things III: World of Shadows (tbd 2012)

Only Human on the Block IV: The Blood Contract (tbd 2012)

Only Human on the Block V: After.Life (tbd 2012)

AdaptNation: Keller’s Casefile I: The Boy With the Crocodile Face (tbd 2012)

Ascension II: God Am (tbd 2013)

Ascension III: Descent (tbd 2013)

AdaptNation: Keller’s Casefile II: A Death a Day (tbd 2013)

AdaptNation: Keller’s Casefile III: Anonymous (tbd 2013)

Only Human I: The Last Guardian (tbd 2013)


One thought on “Coming Soon

  1. Wow, was I ever off on my dates. I did get The Shadow Walker out by Halloween, but that just about killed me. I still haven’t even finished typing up Bravado/Dramatique yet, never mind published it. Oh well…it doesn’t hurt to dream, eh?

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