My Review of Ted Krever’s Mindbenders

Yeah, typically I’m babbling about my own books (or Autism or, well, whatever), but I thought I’d swtich gears and write about an excellent book I just read.  It’s Ted Krever’s Mindbenders and I highly recommend it.  Here’s my review of it in all its (lack of) glory:

Ted Krever’s Mindbenders was a wonderful surprise.  It took me all of two pages to get into it, and I was hooked through the end.  The pacing is spot-on, alternating between exhilarating action and quiet,  character-driven moments.

It’s a great bit of Psi-Fi, made better by the fact it’s both timely and relevant.  Many (all?) of the government programs listed are real and the author has adapted their findings seamlessly into his writing.  He manages to make the science behind it easily digestible, even going so far as to explain my urge to purchase a new SUV, despite having only three people in my family.  Most importantly, he does all this without robbing us of character development.

If I had to complain about anything, it would be the end.  Not that I found the conclusion unsatisfactory, but I wanted to spend more time with the characters.   From the looks of it, the author is working on a sequel, so I suppose I’ll just have to be patient.  As it is now, Mindbenders is a great book on its own and has the capacity to become a very impressive series.

Of course, there’s always the chance somebody out there is controlling my mind, compelling me to think this….

Five Stars

So, don’t let my endorsement of it tarnish this great book.  Check it out here:


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