On The Verge Of…Something

Hello, faithful reader(s?).  Just wanted to throw a quick update out into the world.

I am currently 75% done with my new revision of Ascension.  My initial intention was to go through my proof copy and find any typos.  I did find some (about six, I think), but I also found a lot of writing that could be tightened or better written.  What started out as a quick edit before I order my hard copies turned into a full revision.  I’m glad I did it, but it’s taken a lot longer than expected.  If all goes well, though, I should have my new proof copy in my eager little hands within the next few weeks.

Working on Ascension slowed me down on my other endeavors.  Bravado/Dramatique, which I originally hoped to have out by the end of March, is done.  Or, at least the first draft is done.  I have some serious editing to do on that book before it’s ready to be released, but overall, I’m glad with how it came out.  At this point, it’ll likely be the end of May before it’s released.

The good news is, I’m already starting in on the third Only Human on the Block, Together Alone.  I mentally battled whether I wanted to move on in this series or put out the second Unseen Things book, The Shadow Within.  Ultimately, I decided on Together Alone because the book is written and complete, where-as when I finished working on The Shadow Within, I was a few chapters shy of the end.  Also, I think Together Alone will be a much cleaner, smoother first draft in comparison, which means it’ll be quicker to produce.

The other thing I kept in mind was what I call the trilogy effect: the first book (or movie) is pretty much stand alone.  The heroes win, all is good.  If another book (or movie) was never produced, it would still be an entertaining work.  Often, though, the second book in a trilogy is darker.  The stakes are higher, the tone is more bleak.  Usually, it ties into the third book in such a way the series can’t end there without a lack of closure.  This is very much true for Unseen Things.  If I never got around to writing The Shadow Within or World of Shadows, The Shadow Walker could stand on its own, more or less.  But The Shadow Within needs World of Shadows to complete itself.  As such, I felt bad leaving such a long gap between producing the two books (I haven’t even begun writing World of Shadows, yet).  On the other hand, I’m nearly through book four of Only Human on the Block.

So, in case there’s anybody out there who has actually read this far and is wondering what I’m up to, I’ll sum it up like this:

Nearly done with Ascension re-write.  Soon to be available in paperback (yay!).  Once that’s done, the turn-around time on The Four-Year-Old Guardian and The Shadow Walker appearing in paperback should be quite a bit shorter.

Currently working on editing Bravado/Dramatique (Only Human on the Block II).

Currently working on first draft of Together Alone (Only Human on the Block III).

Working here and there on first draft of The Shadow Within (Unseen Things II).

Moving (oh, yeah…did I forget to mention we bought a house and we’re moving this weekend?  That’s slowed things down a bit, too).

Thanks to everyone who reads my posts and my books.  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted as I get closer to publishing Ascension in paperback and Bravado/Dramatique.

S.L. Madden


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