I Saw The Sign

Now that Ascension is available in paperback courtesy of Createspace (available here: https://www.createspace.com/3662870), it stands to reason my mother would be the first to support the cause. And so it was, last night at our writing group, she showed up with four copies, asking me to sign them. To say I was embarrassed is understating the matter. I signed in my customary illegible scrawl, all too aware of the eyes watching me.

I suppose I should have been more excited for the ordeal. After all, it was my first signing. But in all the years I’ve spent writing, going over my plots and characters, maneuvering through the complexities of it all, I never really considered the signing. The idea of people holding my books in their hand (digitally or otherwise) and exploring the worlds that have occupied my mind for so many years made me excited, but I never considered what happened beyond all that.

The other thing I never thought of was just how exciting this all must be for my mom. She’s an established, published author who recently turned to self-publishing. I’ve always know she’s been proud of me as a writer, but this is something she’s been looking forward to for (almost) as long as I have. The fact I circumvented the usual publishing route doesn’t matter to her (and honestly, doesn’t matter to me). She’s proud of me as a parent and encouraging as a fellow author.

That’s something I can understand and respect. And so, it’s for her I look forward to the next group of books she’ll inevitably purchase for me to sign. All these years, I’ve written for me. The least I can do is offer a signature of appreciation.

Now I just need to work on my handwriting.


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