Cover Options – Bravado/Dramatique

I did it!  Despite suffering from a stomach bug over the weekend, I managed to finish my final edit on Bravado/Dramatique, the follow-up to The Four-Year-Old Guardian.  The only thing stopping me from publishing it is my inability to decide on a cover.  I picked out a piece of art from Bigstock, opting to go with a theater mask motif to fit the theme of the book.  My wife, being the creative sweetheart she is, did up a few other versions based on that artwork.  I’d like to get as much feedback as I can before committing to this oh-so-important decision.

Please note, for those of you who haven’t read The Four-Year-Old Guardian (for shame!), it has to do with monsters, magic, swords and what-not, and is Young Adult.  No, there aren’t vampires (not in this book, anyway), in case the teeth make you wonder.

I refer to them from top to bottom as Neon, Teeth, Bioshock and Original.  Let me know which one you like best and what changes, if any, you think would make them better.  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

S.L. Madden



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