Fun With Numbers

As I approach my 1-year anniversary for self-publishing, I thought it’d be fun to look back to see just how well I’ve done.  Some writers have personal databases they maintain on a daily basis.  Not me.  I check my sales monthly–maybe weekly, when I’m feeling optimistic.  While some may look down on these numbers, I’m proud of every single sale (or give-away, which I’ll be the first to admit comprises the vast majority of units moved).  Before self-publishing, I wrote for the fun of it.  Knowing these books are available where others can read them is a success I never dared dream I’d know.

It should be noted when looking at the numbers, Ascension was the first to be published June 30th.  The Four-Year-Old Guardian was next on July 29th followed by The Shadow Walker on October 27th.  Also, I’ve sold 4 copies of Ascension in paperback, but those were all to my mother (thanks, Mom.) 🙂  And thanks to everyone who has shown me support over the past year.  I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming stories with you.

S.L. Madden

US Sales:

Ascension: 647

The Four-Year-Old Guardian: 604

The Shadow Walker: 507

UK Sales:

Ascension: 231

The Four-Year-Old Guardian: 179

The Shadow Walker: 1

German Sales:

Ascension: 3

The Four-Year-Old Guardian: 2

The Shadow Walker: 3

Spain Sales:

The Four-Year-Old Guardian: 1

Total Worldwide Sales:

Ascension: 881

The Four-Year-Old Guardian: 786

The Shadow Walker: 511

Total Sales All Titles: 2178






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