Moving Forward

First off, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July (even if you don’t celebrate it, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it).

In business news, I’m happy to announce that as of today, The Shadow Walker is available in print through CreateSpace (found here:

Bravado/Dramatique and The Four-Year-Old Guardian will be soon behind, meaning all four of my available books will then be in print.  From this point on, it should go a lot faster.  I rushed to publish the first three books last year, focusing solely on the electronic copy.  For Bravado/Dramatique, I worked on the print copy and the electronic copy at the same time, allowing for a near simultaneous release.  In fact, I’ve already scanned the digital proof of Bravado/Dramatique, and if I wasn’t so determined to hold a physical copy in my hand before I give it the green light, it’d be available now.

What this means is potentially more time between titles (not as long as the gap between The Shadow Walker and Bravado/Dramatique though, I hope), but more complete versions.  For the past several months, I’ve been bogged down trying to edit all three books so they look good in print, which caused me to make changes that compelled me to go back and update my electronic copies, so they’re all uniform.

After this, once a book is published, I should be good to go.  I’d much rather be producing new material than getting caught up re-editing the same books over and over.  I want to produce the best quality work I can for my readers, but as some point, it’s time to move on to the next thing.

Also, I’d like to announce that as part of my one-year anniversary in self-publishing (the actual date came and went with little fanfare on my part), I’ve chosen to make all four of my electronic titles available through Smashwords for $.99.  This includes the much bigger book, Ascension, and the newly released Bravado/Dramatique.  If you’ve been interested in picking up a copy, I plan to keep them on sale through the end of the month.

Thanks for your support,

S.L. Madden


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