Versatile Blogger Award Part II: The List

Again, my thanks goes out to Annie Johnson at  Chompasaurus Reviews ( for alerting me to the VBA, the Versatile Blogger Award.  Part of the rules involved is to recommend fifteen blogs for the award, and tell the person who nominated you seven facts about yourself.  I figured I’d post my response here.

First off, blogs I personally enjoy and think should make the list because of how much joy they’ve brought into my life (listed in no particular order):

The Literary Mind Blender ( – Providing excellent reviews and hey, is that me in their author spotlight? 🙂

Angela, Herself ( – Because she’s cool and reading her blog makes me hungry.

PhotoBotos ( – A site with an amazing photo every day (seriously, check it out).

2Girls1Book ( – Another book review blog with a twist: two reviewers for the price of one!

Bucket List Publications ( – A great blog with some motivational posts.

The Canary Review ( – If you haven’t read their reviews, you’re missing out on something special.

Poppet’s Imagination Captivation ( – Poppet’s a writer I know from back in my Authonomy days, and this is her blog

Wandering On Dark Shores ( – the author blog for JA Clement

Ted Krever ( – the author blog for Ted Krever

Not quite fifteen, but nine is more than I thought I’d get.  I’m sure there are some I forgot, and for that, I apologize.  Feel free to whack me on the head and I’ll happily add you to the list (provided I find you worthy, of course ;).

Now for seven things about me.  Hmmmm….

1) I work full-time as a Paratransit Dispatcher.

2) My daughter, Natalie, was diagnosed with Autism when she was two (she’s now six).

3) My wife is an amazing person who had to give up everything due to circumstances beyond her control (I suppose that’s more about her than me, but I had the good fortune to marry her).

4) I currently have seven kittens and three adult cats living beneath my deck.

5) I wrote the rough drafts for Only Human on the Block books I-IV and Unseen Things Book I and II on my breaks at work in a notebook (back when I was a driver and I had breaks.  Now, I type them up on my lunch hour).

6) Just out of high school, I was in a band called The Dialectics.  We never played live and strictly recorded for our own enjoyment.  We did, however, write a few songs for my mother’s audiobook business, TimeFare Inc.

7) I’m an avid gamer and love my PS3 (even if I neglect it far too often).  My id is fractality820, and yes, I would change it if they allowed us to.

8) Bonus fact!  I have no idea how to copy to a link without pasting the URL.  The list of blogs above would look so much better if you could just click on their name and have it take you there.  I’ll have to do some research and try it again.


S.L. Madden



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