At Long Last

I did it.

As of this morning, all four of my available books are published.  But Steve, you might say, your books were already published.  I know this because I downloaded them to my Kindle/Nook/other e-reading device the moment I knew they were online (right?).

This is true, but now, my four titles are available in print, thanks to the magic of Createspace.  As nice as eBooks are, there is something about holding a paperback (or hardback, if you prefer) in your hands, particularly if you’re inclined to read in the tub.

Not only are the titles available in print, but all four of the eBooks were updated this morning with the absolute newest version of each title.  I’ve been working tirelessly the past several months (read: neglecting my PS3 and sleep), combing through each book in an attempt to offer the best copy I can.  Often, the updates were to fix formatting issues or typos (that dreaded word), but in some cases, scenes were extended, new lines of dialogue added.  Nothing that fundamentally changes the story, but if you’ve downloaded the title in the past, you should be able to get the updated version for free (and if not, send me a line at and I’ll gladly provide a copy).

Now that this project is over, I have hopefully rounded what I see as a steep learning curve.  From here on out, I plan to format for print and eBook simultaneously, which is what I did for Bravado/Dramatique.  The result was a much cleaner copy than my earlier attempts and it also allowed me to put it out in print much quicker than the previous three (case in point, Ascension, Four-Year-Old Guardian and The Shadow Walker were out between July and October of last year and are just now making their print debut.  Bravado/Dramatique was released at the end of last month, and I only delayed the printed copy because I wanted it to be ready at the same time as Four-Year-Old Guardian).

So what’s next?  Well, I’m currently 42% done with the rough draft of Together Alone, the third Only Human on the Block.  I usually work on my blogging/writing during my lunch hour, but for the next two weeks, that won’t be an option.  I’ve covering for a different department, and I won’t be getting a lunch.  So I promised my wife, Norma, I’d take that time to recoup and relax.  I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard recently to get it done before the end of the month (what I’m considering my one-year anniversary for self-publishing).

I may or may not be updating my blog in that time, but I’ll make an effort to write a few posts.  And I might still shop the books around to see if anyone’s interested in a review copy.  But for the most part, you can find me hacking and slashing demons on my PS3 (user id: fractality820.  Feel free to add me on and make fun of my lack of skills) or, on occasion, I might actually sleep in.

Then it’s back to business.

S.L. Madden




One thought on “At Long Last

  1. Oh, dear; I *knew* I should have checked for a new version of “Bravado/Dramatique” before I started reading it; probably all those editing errors I complained about in my review are fixed. OH well… So, when’s the next book in Only Human on the Block due? How about the Unseen Things? I’m just about to start “The Shadow Walker” so I’m sure I’ll be harassing you about it in that review 🙂 You should be able to get to my blog to see my review by clicking my name! If not, the link is on my GR profile page.

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