Smashwords $.99 Sale – The Final Plug!

Nobody likes to be sold to.  I know I don’t.  If a product interests me enough, I’m fully capable of researching it on my own and making an informed decision.  Thanks to the internet and the ability to read both professional and consumer reviews, I have more information at my disposal before purchasing than ever.

So, let’s not look at this as a sales pitch, shall we? Instead, it’s an opportunity to get a great deal on books you might otherwise have passed up, or worse, may have never even known they existed.

Take for instance Ascension, a SF book about alternate realities set in modern day Seattle. It’s been called “…absolutely riveting…” and “…a must read!” among other things, but has never been called boring. Using the code HR44U, it’s only $.99. (Some adult language and situations)



The Four-Year-Old Guardian is the first book in the Only Human on the Block series. Intended for a YA audience, it can be enjoyed by fans of action and humor in an Urban Fantasy setting.  The code to magically make it $.99 is VN65J. (Mild language and violence)



The sequel, Bravado/Dramatique features approximately 30% more demon-fighting action fun than the original (your results may vary).  It’s code for $.99 buying bliss is WP82U. (Mild language and violence)



If you’re in the mood for something a little darker (yet still YA appropriate), I recommend checking out The Shadow Walker.  I’m currently working on book 2 and will soon start book 3, so this is the perfect time to get into the trilogy.  Use code MX83N and it will be, yes, you guess it, $.99. (mild language and violence, some disturbing imagery)



The above-mentioned coupons expire tomorrow, 9/26.  Thanks for everyone’s support in this endeavor and I hope you enjoy.

S.L. Madden

~End Sales Pitch~


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