What’s In A Name? II: ToC Edition

Yeah, I’m bringing it back old school style.  I’m resurrecting a post I made July of last year called What’s In A Name?, only that revolved around the origin of character names for Ascension.  This time, I thought I would expand upon an obsession of mine: making lists.  More specifically in this case, Table of Contents.

As you may know, I recently finished the rough draft of The Shadow Within, sequel to The Shadow Walker.  I always make it a point to name each chapter, to the point where I have trouble continuing on until I at least have a half-way decent placeholder.  I’ve done my best to talk about The Shadow Within without actually divulging any information about it.  But I thought it’d be fun to list the chapter titles and see if people can piece together any of the plot on their own.  At the very least, it gives me an excuse to make yet another list.  Please note, these titles are not necessarily indicative of the final product, as I often merge chapters and split chapters up as I edit.

1) My Fears

2) I Alone

3) Finding Divinity

4) A Will And A Way

5) Hunted

6) Base

7) The Boss

8) Uninvited

9) The Game

10) The Watchtower

11) Lights Out

12) The Mainland

13) Denial

14) Twin Shadows

15) Common Ground

16) Requiem

17) Breech

18) Shadow Of A Doubt

19) Homecoming


S.L. Madden


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