Feeling Down

I started off this weekend with the best of intentions.

For three straight days, I didn’t have to wake my wife and daughter up early for the bus. That meant if only I could drag my sorry carcass out of bed at an unreasonable hour, I could zoom ahead in my word count.  Theoretically, I could get ahead by several thousand words, hedging my bets against the upcoming holidays.  With any luck, I could also set my target a little higher and actually complete the rough draft by the end of the month.

Saturday was a little tricky, as it marked my sister-in-law’s wedding. My plans went to the wayside as I had to wake my wife up early so she’d be ready to go get her hair and make-up done.  After that, I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to catch up, as it’s virtually impossible to lose yourself in writing while babysitting my daughter.

I thought I could rectify it on Sunday, but somehow, I ended up sleeping in.  I haven’t been feeling 100% lately, and Sunday was a significantly low-point for me.  I still got up and wrote, but I sort of stumbled through the prose, telling myself I would have to go back and clean it up anyway.  Sunday was also the day I started questioning the way I was writing this book.  It’s an issue I’m still trying to work out, but in the meantime, I’m going to continue writing it as I am.

Monday was my last day to meet and beat my goal.  At this point, I was barely breaking even.  After having been ahead of the curve since the start of the month, I was starting to feel the pressure.  I woke up early and…yeah, I felt the pressure.  I was so stuffed up and my head pounded so hard, I half-expected my nose to start gushing blood just to relieve it a little.  That didn’t happen, but neither did any writing…at first.  After some time in the dark and an Advil, my headache started to subside and I donned my headphones, eager to start writing.  Unfortunately, I lost over an hour, but I still managed to catch up to my goal…barely.

At this time, my word count average is 1669 per day, a mere two words more than the required average to complete the 50,000 words on time.  It leaves me very little margin for error, but I know I can stay ahead.  I’ll continue waking up early and using my lunch breaks to propel myself forward.  It’s a bummer I couldn’t use this long weekend to boost my numbers, but I’m still very much in the race.

S.L. Madden


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