…Two Steps Back


I’m not sure exactly how to spell the scream I’m just barely suppressing, but I think that might be a close fit.  I went into work this morning at my usual time, only to discover I wasn’t supposed to be here until noon.  My wife dropped me off so I immediately went about calling/texting to let her know.  Unfortunately, her phone kept going straight to voicemail, so I left a few messages at home then decided as long as I was at my computer, I might as well get some writing in.

I spent the next hour + writing, not necessarily getting a lot done but happy I was able to move forward and break through the 20K barrier.  I hit SAVE, closed the file, then tried to send it to my email so I could pick it up again tomorrow morning.  The file was nowhere to be found.


The worst thing is, I’ve done this once before.  Instead of downloading the file and then opening it, I opened it straight out of the email.  Then, instead of hitting SAVE AS, I simply hit SAVE.  And since that wasn’t enough, I went ahead and closed the file before verifying it had, indeed, saved.  So, I spent an hour and a half at work, not getting paid, and not accomplishing another other than achieving a new level of frustration.

It won’t take me long to retype what I had written, but I hate losing work.  Especially since I could have easily avoided the situation.  As it is now, I’m sitting at a semi-respectable 21981.  It’s just about where I should be at this point in the competition, but it’s well behind where I’d like to be.  Add in the fact I lost out on my lunch period today and tomorrow to write, and it’s especially bummer-worthy.

At least I was able to wake up early this morning and get some writing done.  Otherwise, there’d be less whining coming from me and more tears.  Yeah, I’m comfortable enough with my manliness to cry over lost wordage.

S.L. Madden


2 thoughts on “…Two Steps Back

  1. I believe and I’m not sure, but if you save a file right out of an email like that it actually saves in the email download file. It might not be saved under the same name you think, but if you search for the email download file you may find it in there. I’ll cross my fingers for you.
    But either way, I’d cry if that happened to me. Every word counts during NaNo and the time it takes to put those words in again could be used to write new words. 😦 So I’m sorry that happened to you.
    Good Luck!

    • I figure you’re either right and I’m wholly incapable of figuring this out (I tried extensively last time, searching for keywords I knew only existed in the new chapter I had started), or it doesn’t save. I’d so much rather you were right. Either way, I think I’m being punished for my stupidity. It could be argued I didn’t know any better the first time, but that excuse doesn’t fly for this morning.

      I appreciate the thought, but don’t cross your fingers for me…it’ll slow down your typing speed. 🙂



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