Home Alone

Here I was, about to write my first post in nearly a month, detailing my joy over having the place to myself for the day.  Norma started a new job and had to be there at eight in the morning, the bus picked up Natalie around 0815, and I had the day off.  I pondered what to do with my time, even though I’m currently limited in what I can physically accomplish (more on that in a later post).

Still, I had so many things I wanted to get done.  My editing has crawled to almost a stand-still these past few weeks, I haven’t produced any new writing since NaNoWriMo ended (and I still have yet to go back and touch-up what I wrote back then).  I feel like I’ve been stuck in the mud, my wheels turning, but getting nowhere fast.  I looked at today as an opportunity to change all that.

Then I got the text message asking me to come to work.

My first reaction was no, and not just because I wanted to have the day to myself.  Norma had to have the car and we didn’t have anyone lined up to watch Natalie when she got home from school.  A few phone calls later, though, and it looked like Norma’s mom could watch her and I could take the bus into work (appropriate, given I work for the transit).

They didn’t need me in until 3:00, but it still put a bit of a damper on things.  I managed to watch The Walking Dead from last night (anyone else check it out?  For basically being a “filler” episode, I think it might go down as a fan favorite) and made myself lunch (turkey burgers.  Mmmm.), but I couldn’t help but keep an eye on the time.  I suppose it doesn’t make much difference.  Even if I didn’t go into work, I still would have had to be mindful of when Natalie was due to be home.  And at least this way, I get a little bit of OT (even when amicable, divorces can be expensive) and I get to see how viable an option riding the bus is going to be.  I don’t relish the thought of walking to the bus stop with my bum hip, but I can make it.

So, for now, I’m going to turn on some tunes and clean up a little bit, then start hobbling toward the bus stop (as soon as I figure out which one it is).  I’m a little bummed about losing this time to myself, but it’s nice to feel needed, even if it’s only from those I work with.  Besides, I suppose I shouldn’t lament losing my opportunity to be alone, when soon that’s all I’ll have.

Thanks for reading,


Steve Madden


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