A Date

No, this post isn’t about my love life.  It would be a rather short little note if it were.  Instead, I feel comfortable announcing a publication date for my next book, The Shadow Within:


Okay, maybe that’s a month and not really a date, but it’s the best approximation I’ve been able to come up with.  I’m so certain it’ll be ready by this time, I decided to enlist the services of the lovely and talented Katy Sozaeva to help me edit.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If all goes well, the first version I put out should (hopefully) be the final version.  No more uploading new versions and sending out my humble apologies to those who received copies with beaucoup de typos.

Truth be told, I could very likely have the book ready before then.  I’m currently 39% done line editing it and then I’ll go through and type the changes in.  If I can figure out a proper place to add them, I have a few scenes I’d like to work in.  Making the changes on the computer will be the most time-consuming part of the editing, but even then, if I remain focused, I know I can do it.

So why set it so far away (three months at this point)?  For one, I wanted to be realistic with my goals.  I’m still gimpy and in the middle of dealing with domestic issues, so I don’t have the time/energy to devote to writing as I normally might.  And reading my older posts where I estimated when certain books would be available, I am horribly, horribly behind schedule.  This way, I know I can get The Shadow Within launched in June and Together Alone done by the end of the year.  If I get anything else finished in that time, the more the merrier.

The other reason is a somewhat desperate hope I might acquire a beta reader or two (or however many may be interested).  A beta reader’s responsibility is to read the work with a critical eye, with the intent of offering any advice to make it better before publication.  Given this is a sequel, familiarity with the original would be optimal, but not necessary.  In fact, it might prove helpful to me to know how easy it is to follow without prior knowledge of the original, in case I pick up any readers who don’t realize it’s part of a series.

What do you get if you beta read for me?  For starters, you get a chance to read the story before any one else does.  You’ll also get credit in the acknowledgements.  And once the book is published, you’ll get a free autographed copy (assuming you want it in print) or a digital copy (hell, you can have both if you want. I’m feeling generous :).  In addition, you’ll have the knowledge of knowing you helped make a book live up to its potential.

And if all that isn’t enough, you’ll have my undying gratitude.

If you’re at all interested, drop me a line and I’ll make arrangements to get a copy of the manuscript to you (I prefer digitally due to costs, but if you need a copy in print, I’ll make it happen).  All I ask is you be brutally honest, be open-minded (as the author, I have final veto power on any changes) and you be sensitive it’s time-based (although I am trying to leave a pretty wide berth so we all have enough time to get it done).

Everyone else who wants to wait for the final version, I’ll see you (sometime) in June.

Thanks for reading,


S.L. Madden


7 thoughts on “A Date

    • Thank you, Angela. That would be very much appreciated. If you’d like to read the first book to get a bit of background on the second (and to see if you really want to subject yourself to it), let me know and I’ll get you a copy. If not and you want to jump right into the sequel, that works, too.



  1. Oh, hey, so excited to work on this for you! I have you down for May 6, and a note to myself to re-read the previous book the week before so I can hopefully catch any inconsistencies 🙂

    • Again, sorry for the delay, but I’m quite excited to see what you think of this one. My beta reader, Amber, seems to be enjoying it so far. I just handed her another eight chapters, so I guess I’ll see if the enjoyment continues. 🙂

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