Keeping On

I just wanted to put to rest the rumors of my untimely demise.  What’s that?  No one cares enough to spread these slanderous lies about my well-being?

Fine, I admit, I’ve simply been complacent in my blogging duties as of late.  I’d like to claim it’s because I’m kicking names and taking ass (yes, I prefer it my way), but to be honest, I don’t have all that much to report.  I am, as of today, 70% done with line editing The Shadow Within.  Yes, I’m still working on that.  No, it didn’t come out last year, like I originally planned.

I do have two beta readers (wave to the nice readers, Amber and Angela!) who are currently reading The Shadow Walker in an effort to be better prepared to judge book two accordingly.  First things first, however, I have to get the book ready to go for them.

On top of that, progress on Together Alone has been glacier-slow (I suppose that saying had more relevance before global warming).  I’ve had to cancel writing group far too often, mostly due to sickness.  In fact, sickness played a large part in keeping me from finishing up line editing The Shadow Within this past week, which I took off from work (those of you who know me realize this is a rare event for me, so for me to have spent it caring for my sick daughter and then getting sick myself was a certain form of tragedy).

So, here I am, with barely any progress since the last time I posted, some…holy cow!  A month ago?  All right, time for me to start busting some of that ass I took.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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