The Missing II: Lost and Found

I know, a lot of entries today, but I had to have at least one that pertains to writing.  And this will be brief.

I’ve mentioned in the past my sadness at having lost the notebook to The Blood Contract, the fourth Only Human on the Block.  I started working on it nearly five years ago, and after flying through the first three books, I completely lost my momentum.  I started working in the office at that time and had less time to handwrite my stories.  Also, I started working on new stories, for NaNo and because my mind was wandering.  I never did get around to finishing book four, but I knew I’d made some serious headway.

And now it was all gone.

Just in the past few weeks, I started telling myself I could write it from scratch if need be.  I remembered some of the major beats, the overall story arcs, etc.  I convinced myself that once I was through with World of Shadows, I’d start rewriting The Blood Contract.  After all, I’d gone through the first three books over and over in the past two years.  I was primed to be able to write new material.  Sure, it might not be the same as my original draft, but that could be a good thing.  Right?

Thank goodness I won’t have to find out.

I found the notebook!  It was packed in a box with some pictures (I was looking for those, as well) and some mortgage paperwork (why not?).  I thumbed through the pages, instantly realizing how much of it I forgot.  When I stopped writing it (last entry was 10-12-2010), I had 182 hand-written pages, roughly the equivalent of third book, which is by far larger than the first two books.  I started working on it on 9-4-08, minutes after I wrote The End after finishing Together Alone (then called Friends For Sale).  So where I’d written the first three books in a manner of months, I spent two years toiling over book four.  And I thought I’d lost it forever.

So, there’s not much to say other than yay!  I’m still working on World of Shadows, but once I have the rough draft done, I’m throwing myself into The Blood Contract fully.  I’ve known exactly how it would end since I first started this series and while I have a lot of details to fill in for book five (tentatively called Afterlife), I have enough to know where exactly it’s all headed.

And then, I’ll be done with this series (but not necessarily these characters *ahem*).

Thanks for reading,


S.L. Madden


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