And…It’s Off!

As of yesterday, I have The Shadow Within in Katy’s hands, where it awaits editorial judgment.  Provided the changes required aren’t terribly drastic, I imagine I’m on course for a late June/mid-July release.  At the same time, I’m working on line editing Together Alone (Only Human on the Block III) and working on cleaning up the rough draft for World of Shadows (the sequel to The Shadow Within).

These are busy times, my friends.  In the next few weeks, I have to work on and finalize the artwork (check this space for a preview), decide on the back blurb and…oh yes, probably try to reach out to reviewers.  I’ve been thinking about doing a few giveaways as well, to celebrate both the release of the book and my two-year anniversary in publishing, but no firm details have been made.  I’ll certainly let you know more when I do.

Sorry so short, but I have a writer’s meeting to attend.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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