The Shadow Within Is Live

I’ll let the title speak for itself while I let out a huge sigh of relief.


I thought I was being pretty conservative by settling on today as the release date, but I was toiling away on trying to fix some formatting issues on the print version pretty much up to the wire.  I was starting to worry I wouldn’t make it, but my hard work paid off.  Not only is the digital version available starting today, but for you old-schoolers out there, the print version is also ready to go.

You can find both the electronic and print versions on Amazon here and here, respectively.

If you prefer Smashwords, you can find it available here.

And if Nook is your thing, here you go.

And if you haven’t read the first book yet (shame on you!), you can find it on Amazon, Smashwords and Nook.

Thank you to everyone for your patience through this process.  It can be trying at times, but it’s always exciting.

I’ll be going through it all over again in a few months when it’s time to release Together Alone.  But for now… I relax.

Thanks for reading,


S.L. Madden

Shadow Within Cover


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