Final Days

First off, in writing this on my phone, so I apologize for any errors (I know… You probably couldn’t tell the difference).

I’m sure by now, most of you know, but I’m in the middle of a divorce. Well, I’m at the tail end of it, if you want to be technical. Suffice it to say, I’m somewhere between the beginning and the end.

The dissolution of a nearly ten year relationship is rough, but I’m rather proud with how I’ve dealt with it. Sure, some days are harder than others, but I’m well past the feeling sorry for myself stage.

The whole process is about to take a major step up this weekend, as my ex and my wife are going to be moving on Sunday.

Fortunately, they’re staying in state, but they are moving some four hours away. Not undoable, but it could present some challenges. It certainly won’t be the same as coming home and seeing my daughter every day after work.

I’ve been trying to prepare myself for this moment, but I’m not entirely sure there’s any proper way to do that. A therapist might have a field day with my brain, because one if my coping mechanisms is to take my situation, create a character, and see how they handle it.

In doing so, I came to the conclusion I want to write a story about my time with Nat. A few weeks ago, I took seven days off work to stay alone with her while Norma went up to prepare the place they’re moving to (we call it baby-proofing, despite the fact Nat’s seven). We had some good times, some rough times, and some pretty funny moments. I think I can use this pain of loss I’m feeling and channel it into something positive.

And if the story doesn’t pan out, at least it night price cathartic for me.

For those of you who think a story about a guy going through divorce hanging out with his autistic daughter sounds lame, don’t worry. I won’t let it interfere with my regularly scheduled demon-fighting books. Right now, I’m 51% dune with line-editing Together Alone, well ahead of my projected mark. At this rate, I’ll have no trouble having it ready by December. I’ve also got a really good start on World of Shadows, placing its release (hopefully) early next year.

Thanks for indulging me during these tough times. Your understanding and support is always appreciated.

S.L. Madden



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