All In the Family

One of the interesting things about living in this day in age is the ability to Google yourself.  You don’t have to be self-published or a celebrity to have an internet presence.  Unless you’re Amish or way off the grid, chances are you have some sort of digital identity.

When I search my name, I get my books and their reviews, along with the customary football and shoe links.  Nothing terribly interesting (although I did stumble upon a review for Bravado/Dramatique on a blog I’d never heard of).

My mother, on the other hand, yields more numerous and humorous results.

For instance, a few years ago on askville, someone asked whatever happened to author Mickee Madden.  One person responded saying they thought the name was a pseudonym (it’s not), postulating she might have been a more prolific, well-known writer who used the moniker to publish romance novels.  My sister answered the question, telling them she was indeed a real person, and that she still writes on occasion.  Elsewhere, I found interviews she did on people’s blogs, biographies, reviews, discussions about when her next books will be out, etc.

So I thought, why not add more stop along the information superhighway (does anyone actually refer to the internet as that anymore?) for those fans who are looking for her?

The final book in her popular Everlastin’ series is nearly upon us.  After years of waiting, Dreams Everlastin’ is due to be released by the end of next month.  She hoped to have it out in September, but her knee surgery and other life intrusions set her back a bit.  Nevertheless, the end is in sight.  We’ve been going through the book in group, and I think you’re all in for a treat.

In addition to releasing the last book, she’s also planning to rerelease the whole series with expanded content, a sort of special edition, if you will.  I’m not sure what the estimated release timeframe is for them, but I’ll pass on the information when it comes up.  And for those of you who just can’t wait, the whole series (as well as some of her other books) is available in e-format on Smashwords here and on Amazon.  I know she’s interested in putting them out in print as well, so keep your eyes open for new in that regard.

As always, thanks for reading (even if it’s my mom’s books and not mine) 🙂


S.L. Madden


everlastin1everlastin2 everlastin3 everlastin4 everlastin5everlastin


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