Updates 10/12/2013

No need to send the authorities by my place to do a wellness check.  I’m alive and–thanks to the occasional muscle spasm in my legs–kicking.

Just so you don’t think I’ve been resting on my laurels all this time, I thought I’d give you an update on all things S.L. Madden.

I’m currently 69% done line-editing Together Alone (Only Human on the Block book III).  I know it’s been a slow process, but things have been a little hectic in my life lately.  There was the divorce, the subsequent separation, followed up by me recently moving my girlfriend into the house.  Not to mention my backlog of PS3 games, sweetly calling out to me.  “Daddy, come back to us.  We need you!  You need us!”  Yes I do, but you’re going to have to be a little patient.  Daddy has a book to finish editing.  With any luck (and really, just a little bit of self-control), I’ll get it finished this weekend.

Work has also been slowly progressing on World of Shadows: Proliferation (the first part of Unseen Things book III).  I hit a bit of a wall with it, as the direction I started heading in didn’t exactly match up with my output from NaNo last year.  As a result, I’ve been writing a lot of chapters from scratch and performing major overhauls on what I’d already written (it doesn’t help I changed it from third person to first).  As a result, I can’t really give out a percentage toward completion, but I can say it’s currently sitting at about 62,000 words, with more to come.

I hadn’t planned on starting on The Blood Contract, the sequel to the yet-to-be-released Together Alone, but I’ve currently typed up four chapters.  Clearly, this book isn’t coming out anytime soon, but I think it may be ready by this time next year.  Definitely after World of Shadows is released.

Speaking of updates, I just reworked parts of this blog.  I updated the author section to reflect my current… uh, life situation, and I redid the books section, hopefully making it a little easier to navigate.  If you have any comments, good or bad, drop me a line and I’ll take your suggestions under consideration.

As always, thanks for reading.

S.L. Madden


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