Extra! Extra!

After writing all night, I’ve officially passed the 20K word mark!

No, not on my NaNo book, 7 Days (working title).  I’m still at the 2797 word mark.  So what am I talking about then?  Well, the fourth Only Human on the Block, The Blood Contract, of course.  Why would I sit down and write almost 4000 words during NaNo that I can’t count toward my total?  The answer’s simple:  I really, really wanted to get that chapter finished.

I figure I probably won’t be able to work much on this book while NaNo’s going on, which means I won’t have much to bring to my weekly writer’s group.  I was half-way through a chapter I personally find to be a lot of fun, so I figured if I finished it, it’d give me a bit of a head start before I have to start bringing 7 Days (which I truly hate to do since it’ll be in such a rough state).

Anyway, I was pretty happy I finished the chapter and made it past 20,000 words.  I look forward to returning back to working on the book this time next month.

Now the real question is, why would I write an extra post for my blog during NaBloPoMo?

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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