Seven Days In, Some Regrets

I have my writers group tonight, to which I’ll be bringing chapters seven and eight of The Blood Contract (book four of the Only Human on the Block series, and the sequel to Together Alone).  Sadly, these will be the last few chapters I’m able to bring until next month, as all of my writing focus is on my NaNo novel (tentatively titled 7 Days).  As excited as I am to challenge myself to pass the finish line, I can’t deny it’s difficult to willingly lose momentum on this story.  I’ve been working on this series for over five years, and once I finish The Blood Contract, I can finally bring it to a close with the fifth book.  It’s a milestone I’m very much looking forward to, and I can’t help but feel perhaps I should have done it as my NaNo book this year (I know exactly how the fourth book ends and the fifth begins, even if I haven’t written them yet).

At the same time, I have Unseen Things, or more specifically, World of Shadows.  I wrote Part I: Proliferation last year for NaNo, and even though I’m still adding chapters and smoothing it out, I sort of wish I had focused on the fourth and final book this year, to bring the series to a close.  And that way, I’d be able to have the last two books released fairly close to one another.

But here I am, seven days in, and 7 Days was designated my go-to book.  The writing is actually going pretty smoothly, although it remains to be seen whether or not it’s all that interesting to anyone other than myself.  But then, I suppose that’s always the question I’m faced with whenever I write (including this blog).

Either way, I’m looking forward to being able to broaden past my current series, and show you some of the other worlds and characters I’ve had locked away in my wee addled brain.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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