Here I sit on a Friday night, the eve of a weekend I know I shall have little to no time to write, and all I want to do is watch tv or maybe play a game. I’m sitting at just over 10K words now, less than I should be, and I know I could probably pump out another 2500-3000, easy, but I just don’t wanna. Why should I, when the newly downloaded Dragon’s Dogma awaits me? Or when the last few episodes of Young Justice are begging me to watch and erase them from my DVR (yes, I’m pretty far behind)?

But I won’t have a lunch tomorrow, and I have Natalie all day Sunday and Monday. That’s three days out if thirty I’m going to lose. Then I’ll be out of town for a few days in a couple of weeks… More time lost. I know I need to capitalize on these moments I have, it’s just… Difficult. I can do it, though. All I need is the willpower to succeed. I know from last year, crossing the finish line will feel amazing!

Of course, so would playing my PS3.



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