The Maddening 11/16/2013

Just a quick update of what I currently have going on.  I like to make goals so I can later see how horribly off my guesses were.

~The rough draft for Together Alone (Only Human on the Block III) is done and ready to go to my editor.  Current plans are for her to get it mid-December, with the hopes I’ll have it published by the end of the month (assuming it’s not too terribly butchered).

~I’m currently 7 chapters into writing the rough draft for the follow-up, The Blood Contract.  So barring any unforeseen difficulties, that book should be making it to print next year.

~I’m probably five chapters away from finishing the rough rough draft of World of Shadows Part I, the sequel to The Shadow Within.  Once that’s completed, I know there are a few sections I need to work on.  Still, I don’t see any reason why it won’t be out in the earlier part of 2014.  After working on The Blood Contract, I plan to focus on World of Shadows Part II, bringing the Unseen Things series to a close.

~17,000 words in, and I’m still not convinced my Nano book, 7 Days (working title) would be of interest to anyone.  I suppose once I complete it, I’ll have a few people look it over and see if it’s fit for public consumption.  Even then, it seems likely it’s going to be a rather short book.  I’m already on day four of seven, after all.

~In addition to my own works, I’ve decided to partner up with my friend, Travis Eller, who has a series of erotica stories he’s interested in writing.  I told him I’d help out in whatever capacity he needed, so long as he produced them under my travellerzero Productions banner.  His writing is a bit different from mine, but we both share the same goal of wanting to entertain.  More info on this later.

That’s about it for now, at least in terms of what I deem is noteworthy.  I may be falling drastically behind on NaNo, but I still have a lot of other projects I’m interested in, even if this particular one doesn’t pan out.  My hope is to keep releasing one to two titles a year, or more if they’re shorter.  I know it will require some more concentrated effort on my part, but I know I’m good for it.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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