Ramble On

As my time here in the Land of Port draws to a close, I’d like to thank everyone who made this journey an experience:

~To the pedestrians who value saving a couple of seconds over their own lives….

~To the hotel staff who made sure we never had to wait for our elevator door to open (okay, maybe once or twice)….

~To Burgerville, for being so close and yummy….

~To the men on the sidewalk who did their best to convince us we no longer needed our money now that we’d eaten breakfast….

~To Gravy for being pretty freaking delicious….

~To Nine Inch Nails, for reaffirming art and angst are mutually exclusive (also, being a bit older shouldn’t keep us from rocking out)….

~To the girl in front of us who stood up right as Jenn’s favorite song came on, blocking her view…. Actually, no thanks to you. That kind of sucked.

~And to her long-haired boyfriend who constantly threw back his head and let loose a guttural yell throughout the concert, because we obviously didn’t come to hear Trent Reznor….

~To the pretzel that almost killed me that cost us a T-shirt (and brought back memories of Mexican soup)….

~To the elderly woman at the concert who moved with far more abandon then I’d ever let myself give into….

~To the toilet that made a high-pierced noise, making us scared to flush at night….

~To Stash tea, for nom nom nom….

~To HBO, for putting on a Chris Hardwick stand-up special at just the right time to make us laugh before bed….

~And to the hotel wifi, which I can only describe as the shittiest connection I’ve had since dial-up….

To all of you and more, I thank you for welcoming me into your fine city. I may not fully grasp your one-way streets and recycling, but I want to.

I want to.

Hopefully we’ll see each other next time Muse is in town.

S.L. Madden



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