Going Nowhere Fast

I know we still have another 10 days before the end of NaNo, but I’m reaching the point where I have to face facts.  While it’s possible for me to finish over the 50K mark, it’s highly implausible.  I’d have to double my original expected output each day for the rest of the month.  Again, it could be done, but I don’t see it happening.  I have Natalie all weekend, plus plans for Thanksgiving.  I know, I know… excuses.

Speaking of excuses:

~I think part of my problem this year was my interest level.  If all goes well, I have a book coming out next month (Together Alone), and most of my energy has been diverted toward the launch.  And because I’m caught up in that, the next book, The Blood Contract, has been calling to me.  In contract, my NaNo book, 7 Days, has been falling flat.  Perhaps when I bring it to group and hear it read aloud I’ll feel a bit better about it, but by then, it’ll be too late.

~Also, my writing has been sub-par (even for me).  I know this is the roughest of the rough drafts, but I keep feeling like I’m not writing this story the way it needs to be written.  As such, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels a bit, wasting my time when I could be putting the focus on finishing up my existing series.

~I know there is no perfect month to set aside to write a novel, but between the divorce, integrating Jenn into the household, getting used to having Natalie every other weekend, and all the other happy stuff that’s been going on, I really haven’t put as much attention on NaNo this year as I did last.  I’m not trying to say these things are bad necessarily (especially having Jenn move in), but they have been mentally and temporally taxing.

So, there’s my meager list of excuses for why I’m apt to fail this year.  I promise to continue working on this particular book through the end of the month, to see how far I can get, but I’m not going to kill myself trying to make it happen.

On the plus side, however, I have yet to fail NaBloPoMo.

S.L. Madden

(Also… yay 150th post!)


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