Old Friends, New Faces

I know Together Alone isn’t out quite yet, but I’m already hard at work on the follow-up, The Blood Contract.  There are a few new faces who are joining the ever-expanding cast of characters, but to me, they bring back memories.

Veogul was one of the first characters I created back in my youngin’ days, before I ever dreamed of publishing my books.  She was part of a fantasy storyline that never truly took off.  Her backstory was somewhere in the series, the main love interest (can’t recall her name at this point), became possessed by a demon.  Locked in a battle between her two distinct selves, she gradually learned to assimilate both sides into a singular persona.  Eventually, she became Veogul, a magically gifted assassin who dedicated her life to hunting down her demon cousins.

Although the story she comes from died long ago (I was in grade school when I first started working on it), I’ve kept the character alive throughout the years my making her my go-to good-guy-turned-bad-guy-turned-good-again.  Whenever I play a game as a rogue or hunter, I tend to role-play it as her.

Kinikaro was actually part of the same series (the name just came back to me–White Knights–along with the cheesy 80’s style theme song I wrote for it in high school).  He was actually a humanized version of the dark god Shankton (great name, right?), who travelled with the party until they learned of his past.  He dual-wielded magic swords, and was fairly proficient in the dark arts.

Whenever I make an evil warrior/mage in a game, I tend to use him as my basis.  In Skyrim, I made him into a dual-wielding Dark Elf.  In Sacred 2, he was the Inquisitor.

And there you have it.  I won’t tell you in what capacity I’ve incorporated them into the world of Only Human on the Block, but I can say they will be featured players.  And maybe, just maybe, their distant pasts might hold some clues as to their futures.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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