The Maddening 11/29/2013

~Barring any unforeseen delays (don’t you just love that small print jargon?), I plan to have Together Alone (the third book in the Only Human on the Block series) available in both print and electronic versions on December 20th (yes, of this year!).  This release date is tentative based on how many errors my editor finds with it, and whether or not any formatting issues crop up.  I believe I have them pretty much hammered out at this point, but if the other five books taught me anything, it’s that formatting can be a bear when it wants to be.  Every time I read an indie book and see the same formatting issues I’ve been battling against, my heart goes out to them.  Perhaps if I ever get this thing fully under control, I should offer them my assistance.

~I think after Together Alone is released, I might go back through my first four books and redo them (the printed versions, anyway).  I experimented with a different font size for The Shadow Within, and I was pleased with the results.  Once the changes are implemented, it should shorten the length, allowing me to cut the costs of producing the books, thereby making it possible to lower the prices as well.

~Moving into 2014, I have a good chunk of World of Shadows Part I (Unseen Things III) finished.  I’ve been spinning my wheels on a chapter I want to add, but haven’t quite found the right way to do it.  After I get over that hurdle, however, I think it’ll be pretty quick to put the whole thing together.  I feel bad, as I really wanted to get this book out close to the release of The Shadow Within, but alas, it was not to be.  I still hope to have the fourth and final book ready to go by the end of next year, but I’ll have to see if I run into any issues when writing it.

~I’m on chapter nine of The Blood Contract (Only Human on the Block IV).  I remember it being pretty rough when I initially wrote it years ago, but as I work on this initial draft, I’ve been finding it flowing smoother than I thought.  Perhaps later chapters will need more work (and I never did quite get to the end), but I’m optimistic it’ll be ready to go next year.

~For the first time in over a decade, I’ve been working on writing some music.  It’s nothing spectacular.  To be honest, I was never all that gifted musically, but it’s a fun hobby.  I’d like to work up some songs to the point where I could eventually release a mini-album, but I’m sure that’s a ways off, if it ever sees the light of day.  But my friend David is very gifted at writing music, and I’m hoping he and I will be able to collaborate on some music and perhaps even graphics (he’s also an artist) for a future book trailer.

I think that’s it for now.  Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday.

S.L. Madden


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