Mad Proppage

Tonight marks the end of November, which in turns means it’s the last day for both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo.  As you may well know, I pledged to take both on this year, but I failed, mirroring my attempt last year.  Only this time, I failed at NaNo and, with the successful publication of this post, succeeded at NaBlo.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all those who managed to finish NaNo this year.  I know firsthand it’s an exhilarating feeling.  I wish I had maintained the discipline to cross the finish line with you all, but I’m proud to be standing on the sidelines, showing my support.  I know you’d do the same for me.

Next year, I’ll have to finish so you can prove it.

Thanks for reading (and writing),

S.L. Madden


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