Size Matters

I know, I know… I disappear for three weeks, then come back with two posts on the same day?  Just who do I think I am?

I mentioned in my previous post I stayed busy during my time away.  Sure, publishing Together Alone took up a significant chunk of time, but I wasn’t resting on my laurels otherwise.  I was so happy with how The Shadow Within turned out in terms of formatting and font size, I decided to go back and give Ascension a proper remake.  Merely by shrinking the text down (which, in my opinion, actually looks better and more natural), I was able to slim the size of the book.  And as a direct result, I was able to lower the price.  I also redid the Table of Contents (it was rather horrid when it first launched), and generally cleaned it up.  Please note, if you already picked it up in paperback, this version is pretty much identical.  With rare exception, I didn’t edit it any further or do anything beyond cosmetic changes.  If I ever get around to that, I’ll issue a second edition, any you, loyal readers, shall be the first to know.

Next up, shrinking down The Four-Year-Old Guardian, Bravado/Dramatique, and The Shadow Walker.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden

ASCfyogaBDTogether Alone ImageswShadow Within Cover


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