Promises, Promises

Okay, I admit, I’ve done a horrible job updating this blog.  I don’t recall if I made any kind of promise to be better about it (it’s been too long and I’m too lazy to go back and read), but clearly I was lying.  I intend to write every week, but I suck.

Work on The Blood Contract is slowly creeping along.  At the beginning of the year, I gave myself until June to put it out.  That seemed like more than enough time, and it’s significant because it will also mark my three-year anniversary of publishing.  Now, June is starting to look a little optimistic.  It could still be done, but I’ve gotta get the lead out and get to typing.  As of today, I’m 62K words in, and a few pages away from the halfway mark (or at least when the book transitions to Part II).  That means I still have a lot more to write, and these chapters so far should have been the easy ones.  When I stopped working on this book almost six years ago, I never finished the final few chapters, which means I’ll have to write them from scratch when I get there.  I know exactly how it all ends, down to the wording I want to use, but getting it from my noggin to the page isn’t always as easy as all that.

So why have I been writing so slowly?  Well, I could spew forth a list of excuses.  My computer hasn’t always been available for me at lunch (we trained a new girl at work and she needed to be on my computer for a week, but I’m totally not complaining because she’s a great addition to the team (and may possibly be reading this)).  I took a week plus off work to watch my daughter while my ex-wife was traipsing about England.  And I’ve covered for other shifts which prohibited me from my typical writing routine.

But ultimately, I could have been writing more at home.  I think my attentions have been drifting elsewhere.  Lately, I’ve been getting back into playing and writing music.  I hadn’t written a song in probably twelve years, and in the past few months, I’ve come up with three new ones and a handful of ideas.  Not saying they’re any good, mind you, but it’s been fun to get back into it.  While I think (hope) I’m a better author than musician, it is nice to have the more immediate release of producing a song.  Writing has never been a quick process for me, even when I’m at my peak creatively.

Also, I must confess, I’ve been having more fun with my PS3 than usual.  For most of my life, playing games was a fairly isolated experience, with few exceptions.  But now that my friends have PS+ and a few choice multi-player games, it’s renewed my passion for playing.  I still enjoy a good single-player game, but there’s a strong allure for when we’re all on and available to play.

And then there’s the fact I’m getting married (tomorrow!).  No, I don’t consider it a reason I’ve been slacking off.  I just like to say it. :)~

Okay, so when I list it all out like that… I really do suck.  I have no good excuse for slacking as I have been.  I will get The Blood Contract out by June (of this year, mind you)!  I will get the third Unseen Things book out by the end of the year!  And I will record an EP of songs no one but myself and possibly my friend/band mate will want to listen to!

These things I promise!*

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden




*subject to my whims and discretion.




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