Bit By Bit

I truly hoped this post would be to announce the rough draft of The Blood Contract was finished, especially considering I’m well past my June target to release the book.  Alas, that is not the case, but I am making good progress.  I only have a few more chapters left before I can type the words “The End.”

It’s impossible to say how long these final chapters will end up being, as I’m officially into unknown territory.  As long-time readers of this blog probably know, I had previously hand-written this series, and I’ve been editing them as I type.  Well, I have finally made it beyond where I stopped writing years ago.  While it’s fun to finally explore scenes that have been in my head for the past five years or so, it’s also a little frightening.

The handwritten copy was my safety net, a guide that led me down the path of the plot, even when I opted to veer from it some.  Now, I’m winging it.  I know exactly where the story is headed–I have from the start–but as I finish this penultimate book in the series and move on to the finale, there is a sense of dread I’ll drop the ball somewhere.  I’ve been jotting down ideas and taking notes, hoping to get back into that mindset.  For the first time since I stopped actively working on this story, it feels like it’s wide open.  Even knowing the end, I’m not fully sure what path it will take to arrive there.

I suppose all I can do is take a deep breath and trudge onward, hoping my vision meets everyone’s–including my own–expectations.

First, however, I’ve got to get this thing finished.  Hopefully next time I post, it will be to tell you just that.

Thanks for reading,


S.L. Madden


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