Second Time Around

While my next release, The Blood Contract, makes its rounds in the hands of my beta readers, I decided to revisit a previous entry in the series. Bravado/Dramatique was released in 2012 to favorable reviews, yet it was brought to my attention it was riddled with typos.  After a quick edit, I managed to post a much smoother version of it. Still, I’ve had it in the back of my head I would need to properly revise it someday.

That day is today.

Or, well, some day soon.

With the help of my mother (author Mickee Madden, in case you think I have a tendency to run to mommy with all my problems), I finished editing the book once again, to the point I feel comfortable calling it Revision II.  I was careful to keep the storyline and, as a whole, the writing intact, and instead chose to focus on the following items:

~Editing for mistakes.  I’d like to say there weren’t many, but that would make me a dirty damn liar.

~Formatting.  I’m taking advantage of this revision to shrink the font size. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, the smaller the font, the less pages the book runs, and the cheaper I can make it available to you, my loyal readers.

~Homogenization. As I neared completion of The Blood Contract, I realized I haven’t been entirely consistent throughout the series.  For instance, when Nick and Severance are talking inside Nick’s head, I’ve now changed it so Severance’s dialogue is both in italics and quotes.  Helps to separate his lines from Nick’s thoughts. Also, at times, I would write cat demon, and others, Cat Demon.  Little things like that drive me crazy, so I’m trying to fix them all.

~Dedication. I asked some posts back if it was bad form for me to change my dedications following my divorce last year. The response I received was no, it was perfectly fine to change them (my current wife particularly felt that way for some reason).

~Butting out. My mother has declared me the But King. While that may have been my nickname is high school (for completely unrelated reasons), what she’s referring to is my propensity to use the word but a lot. I didn’t really believe her until I went back through and tried to rework several sentences sans but. Even this post contains a but or two, but I’m not about to go back and change them.

Hopefully the changes will make for a smoother reading experience.  It’s my hope to go through the other two books in the series, then move onto the Unseen Things series after that. While some of these changes are exclusive to the printed version, the e-versions will also be updated some time in the next few days.  For those of you who have already purchased the eBook, it’s my understanding you’ll be able to download the new version once it’s available.

Which should be any day now.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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