Day Two: The Raw Diet

174.8 lbs.

Yes, I lost a total of .2 pounds yesterday.

Now that might not seem like much (or none at all), but I’m excited. After depriving my body of carbs for so long (then slowly slipping the last few weeks), I thought my first week or so of savaging vegetation and fruits alike would wreak havoc with my body. I fully expected to pack on a few before I lost any. The fact I went down even such a miniscule amount fills me with hope.

I noticed I finished the day yesterday with a lot of snacks left over. Typically, I tear through whatever I bring with me, and end up ravenous by the time I get home. Not so yesterday. It remains to be seen whether this is all mental (as in, I was afraid of being hungry, so I was more conservative with my snacking) or if I truly do feel more full on this diet.

I’ve also discovered I’m afraid of blenders. I’m not sure why. Thinking back, I suppose I’ve never really used one (if I have, I can’t recall). It’s not that I’m afraid I’ll lose a finger or anything. I happen to have a knack for destroying all things I come into contact with. See: the failure of my PS3 drive, the untimely death of my TV (just a few nights ago *sob*), every gas-powered lawn mower I’ve used….

In any event, my wife has a fancy blender I’m afraid my rusty thumb will systematically destroy. Hopefully a few turns at the helm (with supervision, of course) will give me the confidence to try a solo mission. Otherwise, I’m going to be missing out on a lot of delicious smoothies.

After that, it’s onto the juicer….

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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