Excuses, Excuses

Three days into NaBloPoMo and I technically dropped the ball. It’s after midnight here, which means I missed an entry on the third. I’ll write another post tomorrow and keep it going even though I’m not sure if it’s a violation of the rules or not.

In writing news, I managed to fix my computer. Why then is my word count still frozen at 1410? It’s because I love you, my loyal readers. I decided to devote what little time I had to write toward finishing up The Blood Contract. After all, I don’t want to put it off until December. As of now I’m on chapter 20 of 37. Shouldn’t be much longer now.

In fact, I probably could have finished it today if not for my stiff neck. I’ve been sleeping wrong the last few nights, resulting in me waking up with pain shooting down my leg or up my back. As much as I wanted to get some writing done, I found it difficult to sit for too long.

I know…excuses, excuses.

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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