The Aquarium and The Pool

I’ve been working on some songs with my friend David Landon under the band name Mad Lands. We’re both amateur musicians who have been dabbling with writing music since high school. We don’t really have anything recorded fit for public consumption but that doesn’t prevent me from listening to our tunes all the time.

In lieu of boring you with yet another “The Blood Contract is now available in print on Amazon (it totally is, by the way)” type post, I thought instead I’d share the lyrics of a song I’m working on.

I started writing it after visiting my daughter in September. I was able to see her for a few hours yesterday, so I thought this might be appropriate:

The Aquarium and the Pool

Yesterday I was on my way to see you
Today I’m headed back home
And when our paths will cross again
Sadly I cannot say for sure

I had to turn my head and drive away
So you wouldn’t see me cry like a fool
Now all I have are some photographs and memories
Of the aquarium and the pool

I know you love me
I can see it on your face
I can’t help but wonder
If you think you’ve been replaced
Do you understand
Why I can’t be there?
Because try as I might
I can’t make sense of it myself

Even though you’re just across the state
It sometimes feels you’re a whole world away
When I’m there I never wanna leave you again
But I know I just cannot stay

I know you love me
Even if you can’t say the words
I can’t help but wonder
If this all causes you to hurt
Do you understand
My role in your life
With each passing day
I feel it slipping away

I’ve gotta hold on to those moments
When I get to hold on to you
I can see you’ve got a good life now
Even if I’ve got an outside point of view
Even if I’ve got an outside point of view
Even if I’m outside looking in at you

Thanks for reading,

S.L. Madden


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