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Ascension (SF/Thriller) $4.99 Kindle, $17.99 paperback



The morning following a blind date, Kharma Michaels finds she’s not where she left herself. Stalked by a strange man, reality shifts around her at seemingly random intervals. Convinced she’s not crazy and seeking answers, she makes her way to Rosewood, a hospital for the mentally ill, where she comes face to face with a past she’s tried to leave behind.

There, she meets a group of girls with extraordinary powers and comes to learn about the existence of her own abilities. But the strange man also possesses powers, and when she learns of her connection to him, she must make a choice to join him or forge her own path forward.


~Only Human on The Block~

The Four-Year-Old Guardian (YA/Urban Fantasy) $2.99 Kindle, $10.99 paperback



Nick Traverson and his mom have been moving from town to town for as long as he can remember, so when they end up in quiet, isolated Averton, OR, he thinks he knows exactly what to expect.  Instead, he finds himself in a world of magic, monsters and murder.

At the heart of it is the Monsidian Orb, an ancient artifact of great power that could prove deadly in the wrong hands.  The last Guardian died protecting it five years ago, leaving it weakened and vulnerable.  Now, it’s up to Nick and his new friends to protect the orb from those who would use its power for their own devices, all while searching for the child who will become The Four-Year-Old Guardian….
Bravado/Dramatique (YA/Urban Fantasy) $2.99 e-book, $14.99 paperback




The play’s the thing….

Between training, fighting demons and studying for school, Nick has more than enough to worry about. So how did he end up starring in the school play opposite Reva and Wendy, the two girls he can’t decide between?

Reva’s beautiful and popular and has a crush on him, but she wants to keep it a secret. Wendy’s a good friend, but she’s too wrapped up in thinking her father’s new care provider is a witch to notice Nick slipping away from her.

It’s enough to distract him from what’s important, like the demons who crave the Orb’s power. Then there’s Cal Phibbs, the school outcast, who’s been heard having conversations with himself. It’s almost as if he’s talking to someone—or something—no one else can see….


Together Alone (YA/Urban Fantasy) $2.99 Kindle, $14.99 paperback

Together Alone Image



When the Guardian’s away, the demons shall play….

When Nick decides to take a well-deserved vacation, he has no idea the mess he’s leaving behind.  A demon arm–the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the War of Separation–sits in wait at the edge of town, growing restless without the power of the Monsidian Orb to soothe them.

With the Guardian gone, it’s up to Team Monster Force to fight off the invasion.  But the members have been scattered, caught up in their own interpersonal drama.  Wendy, Myles, Melody, and Jake must find the strength within themselves, even as they battle Together Alone.


The Blood Contract  (YA/Urban Fantasy) $2.99 Kindle, $16.99 paperback

The Blood Contract Cover

No rest for the wicked….

While the residents of Averton attempt to recover in the wake of a massive demon attack, a new darkness stirs. Weary from battle, Nick and the members of Team Monster Force and The Purge reunite to fight of Szevodina and her army of undead children.

She is merely a messenger, a bringer of dark tidings.

True evil is coming and with it, the beginning of the end. Even the Guardian and the power of the Orb may not be enough to stop it.


Afterlife (Book V) (YA/Urban Fantasy)

coming soon

~Unseen Things~

The Shadow Walker
(YA/Paranormal) $2.99 Kindle, $9.99 paperback



Thomas Hurd has always been different.  For as long  as he can remember, he’s felt more comfortable  watching people from a distance than interacting with them up close.  All that is challenged when Madison, a fellow student and co-worker, shows interest in him.  But his tendencies to watch others reveals to him a creature he was never meant to see, and unleashes a horror onto his small town that threatens to consume the world.


The Shadow Within
(YA/Paranormal) $2.99 Kindle, $11.99 paperback

Shadow Within Cover



There are creatures all around us, hidden within the shadows.

Unseen things.

We may think we see them out of the corner of our eye, but we convince ourselves it was nothing.  A mere trick of the light. They’re real, and they’re attempting to infiltrate the human race.

But there are those who can see them, who have stared directly into their blinding white eyes.  They are our only hope.

This is a tale of survival and self-discovery.

This is Allison’s story.


The Shadow Without (YA/Paranormal) Coming 2015

coming soon




Twin Shadows (YA/Paranormal)

coming soon


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